Product Care and Maintenance
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To ensure that you receive lasting pleasure from your Rocell Bathware products with minimum effort, please observe the following advise on product care and maintenance.

They are based on our experience and judgement but must not be regarded as amounting to a legal or liability on our part. These recommendations are intended to assist you our customer.

Cleaning of Vitreous China/Fine Fire clay Products

Use a mild detergent or warm soapy water and clean with a soft cloth. Wipe the product dry after each use.

Soft abrasive cleaners maybe used when necessary to clean Rocell Bathware Vitreous China products. Strong abrasive cleaners will scratch and dull the surface.

Toilet Suite

The best method of maintaining the finish while ensuring the cleanliness of the toilet is simply to wipe them over with a soft cloth or with warm soapy water is all that is required. Use toilet bowl cleaners on the inside of the bowl only.

Do not use In-tank toilet cleaners as they can damage the flush valve or other working parts. Wipe any splashes of cleaner solution from plastic or plated surfaces immediately.

General Cleaning

Cleaning and Maintenance of Duraplex or Polypropylene Plastics Seats and Seat covers

Where your product remains dry in use, a soft duster can be used to remove surface dust. Alternatively, wipe over with a clean soft cloth dampened with a mild household detergent and water solution.

Use of wax based furniture cream should be avoided as this can result in a built up of deposits that will detract from the appearance.

Use of abrasive -based compounds should be avoided, as these will scratch the surface.

Do not allow abrasive chemicals and cosmetics (such as polish, fragrances and aftershave) to come in contact with the toilet seat as they can damage the finish).


Avoid contact with hard, sharp objects. Should scratches occur on plastic products fine marks can be removed using a cutting compound normally used for car care re-treatment, followed by buffing with a car polish and a clean soft cloth.


Iodine, Mercurochrome solution, boot polish, hair dye, bleach and the like would discolour the surface if not removed immediately. Avoid using cleaning solutions intended for the toilet bowl to clean the seat and seat cover as this will stain and discolour the product.

Provided the discolouration is not severe, restore the surface as described for scratches.


Avoid placing hot objects, such as curling tongs and lit cigarettes on any plastic surface, as these will certainly cause discolouration and marking. However should slight accidental damage occur, it may be possible to remove mark as for scratches.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Faucets and Accessories

  • Never use harsh detergent or abrasive cleaners, as these will scratch the surface.
  • Where your faucets/accessories remain dry in use, a soft cloth can be used to remove surface dust. Alternatively, a wipe over with soapy water is all that is required to maintain the finish in perfect condition for a lifetime of use.
  • The use of wax based furniture cream should be avoided as these can result in a build up of deposits, which could detract from the appearance.
  • Do not use undue pressure and wipe in one direction only.
  • Do not use cleaners containing ammonia, bleach, acid or chemicals that can damage the surface of the faucets or accessories.
  • Rinse and be sure to wipe the entire surface dry
  • Use only a soft cloth or non-abrasive sponge to wipe the surface clean.

Acrylic Bathtubs

  • To preserve the polished surface, after using your bath, clean with a soft cloth and warm, soapy water to wash away any body oils or soap residue that forms a ring tide mark on the bath surface.
  • As a weekly cleaner we recommend warm soapy water or liquid cleaner. Do not use powders, pastes, cream cleaners, thinner, window cleaner sprays, solvents or dry cleaning liquid etc.
  • Stubborn marks or fine scratches may be polished out with Brasso applied to a soft cloth. Please take care when rubbing or buffing the scratched surface as excessive force could possibly cause damage.

For best results, keep the following in mind when caring for your Rocell Bathware products

  • Always test your cleaning solutions on an inconspicuous area of the product before applying to the entire surface.
  • Wipe surface clean immediately after applying solution
  • Rinse completely with water after applying solution
  • Use a soft cloth or a dampened sponge or cloth to clean. Never use abrasive materials such as brushes and scouring pads to clean the surface.
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