Rocell Bathware

Rocell Bathware specialises in bathware and accessories, adhering to a philosophy of high international standards and long lasting elegance. Being a subsidiary of Royal Ceramics Lanka PLC, and the first sanitaryware manufacturing plant in Sri Lanka, the state-of-the-art Rocell Bathware facility which opened in 2009, has already surpassed all expectations and forecasts, clearly making Rocell Bathware the topmost bathware brand in the country, manufacturing products that can stand alongside the world's finest brands.

Royal Ceramics Lanka PLC

Royal Ceramics Lanka PLC is a public quoted company listed in the Colombo stock exchange, and a true market leader. When it comes to providing surfacing solutions, there's none that personifies state-of-the-art elegance in Sri Lanka. The company has come a long way from producing only ceramic tiles to creating a diverse range of surfacing and bathware products that'll inspire the most eclectic of art connoisseurs.


Our Brand

Rocell Bathware is the epitome of elegance. Elegance that's timeless. Elegance that's practical. Elegance that's sophisticated and truly state-of-the-art. It's about inspiration. For a lifestyle that's modern, functional and aesthetically pleasing to the eye of the beholder. Our products are an extension of your living space. The space that reflects your individuality; in your personality, your thoughts, your dreams, your imagination. We are all about you. And you are what you create.

Rocell takes pride of place amongst top 20 Sri Lankan Brands at the inaugural Interbrand Awards 2017

Since its inception Rocell has strived not only for design excellence but also for world renowned business and branding standards. And now we have been recognized for just that. Adjudged as one of the top 20 Sri Lankan brands at the inaugural Interbrand award ceremony, this prestigious acclaim reflects our steadfast focus on growth by achieving the highest standards of excellence across all areas of business.


Our Technology

The technology and expertise used to create our bathware masterpieces comes from leading sanitary ware experts like Sacmi - Italy, Unimak - Turkey, S.A.I.T. - Italy etc. We've invested an initial sum of Rs.1.8 billion in our state-of-the-art production plant in Sri Lanka to make it the most well-equipped and hi-tech production facility in the region. This includes robots for glazing, semi-pressure casting lines, automated dryers and high performance kilns.

Rocell and The Environment

Our products are inspired by nature's ingenuity, which is why we've taken steps to ensure our production processes are environmentally friendly, from our facilities to our practices. We've employed the latest international, environmentally conscious production techniques and machinery that impresses highest quality standards, making our products epitomes of universal best practices, with standards for Bathware exceeding BS 3402-1969. By caring for the environment, we're also caring for our muse.