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A Bathroom Suite/ Toilet Suite

A collection of products that share a similar design or theme, usually comprising of the following components: a water closet, washbasin and a bidet.

Above Counter Vanity Basin

These basins are installed on top of the vanity surface.

Back inlet Cistern

The water inlet connection for a back inlet cistern is from the wall directly into the back of the cistern. The connection is completely concealed and has an integral stop valve.

Back to wall WC

A WC which can be installed with the back of the WC fitting directly against the finished wall. These are used widely for commercial and domestic applications offering ease of cleaning and improved design. In back to wall models the waste trap cannot be seen when viewed from the side. This is also referred to models where the cistern is concealed behind a wall or inside bathroom furniture.


A personal hygiene fixture with water supply for genital and perineal cleanliness.

Bottom Inlet

WC Models with bottom inlet will have openings on each side of the WC bed to allow for flexible water supply to the tank. Water supply to the fill valve is connected at the bottom of the water tank.

Bottom Inlet cistern

Water connections are to the underside of the cistern via an exposed valve.

Box rim WC

A box rim WC has a closed water rim with inlet holes around the underside of the rim directing water into the bowl of the WC. These WC's are quieter in operation than open rim WC's and are more versatile with height without splashing problems.

Close Coupled suite

A WC where the pan and the cistern are usually joined together with the flush pipe concealed.

Close Coupled Cistern

A cistern which directly fits to the WC pan. This is a top entry type cistern where the outlet of the cistern fits directly onto the top inlet of the WC.

Concealed Trap way

This feature provides a clean transition at the back of the toilet base, hiding the trap way for aesthetic and hygienic purposes.

Deck Mounted taps

These taps sit on the edge of the bath or basin (as opposed to being wall mounted).

Dual flush

The cistern offers the option of a water saving or full volume flush. The Rocell Bathware cisterns flush 3 or 6 litres of water with the dual flush option. The dual flush dramatically reduces the amount of water used by a toilet as it provides the option of a small flush for liquid waste and big flush for solid waste.

Fill Valve

Inside the tank is a water valve that controls the water for the refill cycle. When the toilet is flushed, the water is released from the tank and the float sitting on top of the water drops down, engaging the fill valve to release water into the tank.

Flush Valve

The valve located at the bottom of a tank that opens when the button lever is actuated and closes when the tank has drained to the desired level. It usually contains an over flow tube as well. The Rocell Bathware flush valves enable users to adjust the dead water level.


A glossy, water resistant, coloured finish surface that protects all non-porous Vitreous China and plumbing fixtures.

Hand rinse basin

A small wash basin designed for use in cloakrooms & small bathrooms or where space is at a premium.


Actually another term used for wash basin, not a toilet.

Open rim WC

An open rim WC has a flushing rim which is open & directs water to the front of the WC allowing water to fall freely over the bowl to wash the surface.

P trap

A section of pipe that contains sewer gases and prevents them from being released through. P trap is designed for wall and floor drain connections. The trap can be visible or hidden depending on the design of the WC.


A basin pedestal is an optional extra for a wall basin, it sits between the basin and the finished floor of the bathroom. Often used to conceal plumbing & offer a unique designer appearance. The pedestal does not sit flush against the wall (there is a small gap).

Half pedestal

A basin half pedestal has the same function as a basin pedestal but is shorter in length, designed only to conceal the plumbing fittings.

Pop-up Drain

A drain for the bathroom sinks with adjustable cap that can be lifted to allow water through or lowered to seal the drain and fill the basin.

Quick release

A technology that unlatches the back hinges of the toilet seat and cover for easy seat removal and convenient cleaning, no tools required.

S trap

An S-trap is designed for a floor drain connection that contains the sewer gases. The trap can be visible or hidden depending on the design of the WC.

Self -rimming vanity Basin

These basins are installed in to a vanity, with a self rimming design to fit flush to the top surface of the vanity.

Semi Back to Wall

In these models the WC can be placed partly against the wall. Commonly the back of water tank will fit against the wall while the back of the water closet will not completely touch the wall. In these models the waste trap can be seen.

Semi - recessed Vanity Basin

Designed to give more usable vanity space. This type of basins is partially recessed in to the vanity with the front of the basin protruding from the vanity.

Side Inlet

Models with the side inlet will have openings on either side of the water tank for water supply. Water supply to the fill valve is connected from one of the sides of the water tank.

Single Flush

In a single flush system, the whole capacity (usually 6 litres of water) of the tank is emptied in order to remove the waste from the bowl of the WC.

Single Hole

One hole drilling positioned in the counter of a washbasin faucet ledge that provides for installation of single control faucets.

Soft Close/Quiet close

A technology utilized on toilet seats that prevent slamming by slowly bringing the seat to a gentle close.


The fixture reservoir for flushing water. The flushing mechanism in installed inside the tank. A tank lid closes the top tank opening.

Tank Cover

The lid which sits on top of the tank which makes the cistern.


Fitting which is designed to retain a volume of waste as a 'water seal' for the purpose of allowing further flow of waste water through the fitting while preventing the sewer gasses from entering a habitable room or area.

Trap way

A channel in a toilet that connects the bowl to the waste outlet. The trap way is where the siphonic action takes place and is measured in terms of the largest diameter ball that can pass through it.


A plumbing fixture that is designed to receive only liquid waste and convey the waste through a trap way seal into a gravity drainage system.

Under Counter vanity basin

The basin is installed underneath the vanity level, creating a streamlined minimalist look.

Vanity top

Combines both basin and worktop in a single ceramic piece. Can be either wall hung or may sit on bathroom furniture.

Vanity / countertop washbasin

A fitted basin which is completely surrounded by a worktop. These basins are not standalone products but rather can be complimented by the vanity to create a functional bathroom experience.

Vessel Basins

Vessel basins can be fitted to sit on a countertop or to be partly inserted to it. They may also be wall mounted using a special bracket.

Vitreous China

A term applied to plumbing fixtures that are comprised of ceramic materials, fired at a high temperature to form a non-porous body with exposed surfaces, and coated with ceramic glaze fused to the body.

Wall hung Wash Basins

A basin that is fixed direct to the wall which does not require a vanity for installation.

Wall Hung WC

A wall hung WC bolts directly to the finished wall, clear of the floor surface for ease of cleaning. The WC cistern is concealed behind a wall or inside bathroom furniture and the pan protrudes from the wall, above the floor. Basins and bidets can also be wall hung. The height can be fixed to suit the comfort of the users. This feature makes the WC ideal for use in commercial applications.

Wash basin/Pedestal Lavatory

A standalone fixture with a washbasin resting on top of a narrow base, which is fixed to the floor.

Water Closet/Commode/ Toilet bowl

A plumbing fixture having a water containing receptor that receives liquid and solid waste and upon flushing, conveys the waste through a trap way in to a gravity drainage system.

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